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Restaurant side

3 course menu     25€ 

2 course menu     20€


Fish cake and salad

Gazpacho & mozzarella

Charcuterie board

Gourmet wine



Chorizo fish crumble and vegg jarie

fish fillet, tomato cream, parmesan crumble

chorizo, veggie jar

Marine Crumble

fish fillet, seaweed cream, parmesan and buckwheat crumble, veggie jar

Roasted camembert , salad and croutons

Roasted camembert, herbs and honey, coppa croutons, & salad

Pulled pork jar

Pulled pork confit with cider & mashed potatoes

Cheese and Desserts

Cheese and salad

The cookiegourmand

The cut mfriend Goz

Affogato Breizh

Panna Cotta from here

I can't choose

Icedrinks and sorbets

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